Somewhere today too, someone
is searching and screaming for love

How can we answer
to that voice now?

This era is full of chaos
We lose sight of love
Can we face countless
sentiments and go on?

Now, once more Now, once more
hold out this hand 🤚🏼
yes, straight ahead...

At the faraway street corner
I threw away warmness
Were you sold over by that thin
scrap of paper?

The new running [on TV]
seems all made up
I've become familiar to it
I can't think of it as reality now, can I?

At any rate, it's been ten years, hasn't it?
An era with bullets flying past each other
Cease it Cease it
This thought circulates
but why does this era always
choose the shadow rather than the light?
Seize it Seize it,
the glimmer in the depths of darkness

Now, once more Now, once more
hold out this hand 🤚🏼
yes, straight ahead...

Now, once more Now, once more
hold out this hand 🤚🏼
yes, straight ahead...

w-inds. video project URGENT request


Please, Ryuichi is receiving your message!

Please read and send you 10 seconds video!

Thank you!!

w-inds. worldwide (@windsworldwide)
6/9/12 8:10 AM
w-inds. worldwide 2nd Anniversary Video Project (Deadline: JUNE 21ST!)


Your participation is very much appreciated!

From a w-inds. fan who was thanked from the stage for going to a concert by Ryuchan and Keita kun!


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Summer plans ?? Best friend & Japan..

Ok, here is the thing... I even planned to go to Japan and stop by LA on my way back, but I will need a month to do this...

My previous post about many wonders is starting to clear up.

My besto furendo is getting married this FRIDAY COMING!!! ok, yes, no party no nothing, proper wedding party and hopefully church too will be held later on.. No idea when..
So trip to LA is for the moment cancelled...

New semester begins next March 10th and I am already checking about my classes and books because is going to be a hell of a difficult year... All the teachers are such masters in law, I am already intimidated, but well.. I'll do my best to do my best...

So I already booked holidays for July!! Yay!! Where to go?? I am totally dying to go to Japan again :( I really need to is w-inds. 10th anniv and I can make my dream come true about going to Hokkaido.. I have longer holidays and if I am good, my boss my allow me a couple of extra days..

Tickets are becoming a nightmare to book and I want to know w-inds concert schedule before..but maybe I shouldnt wait that much to buy my flight ticket...

In the other hand if tjis pkan is fucked up LA is always there and my favorite person in the world will be sooo missed by then, that I can visit. Only 3 weeks so far and I think I am ok, but losing your best friend to miles and miles is pretty depressing by itself..

Oh shit! I miss her!!! ;___;

Ok, let's see later but I hope the best of things should become real this year :)

Keeping faith for the best!!!

Keita kun, I want to see your shaking fat ass again as you walk around the stage... Of course, is the music what keeps me holding it together *sigh*

Wish me good luck :-/

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Another days

I wish this year 2011 brings lots of happiness since there are so many uncertain things expected..

First my best friend's wedding in LA. I want to go... I'll miss her soooooooo much when she moves T_____T

I want to see w-inds.!!!!! This is 10th anniv...

Uni will get very difficult this year and I have to keep up for the 9 months for sure, otherwise I will have to start again next year...

Please be kind 2011!!!!

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Finally, I am here with part 2...

Ok, first I must say Japan is really an interesting place to go, I would go again a thousand times. I only regret, not to have known much about it before I went...

And not being able to understand anything in a place it is quite interesting too ha ha, never happened to me before..

The Narita airport is probably the best I've seen, maybe because everyone is so nice and everything happens fast and easy. Everybody smiles and is nice, they make you feel so welcome.

No matter how many times I look at a map it is too hard to go anywhere, not even looking at the sign "you are here" and then look around and I am like "where?" So, forgot about it and started walking around trying my best to find the ways, this kind of map I am talking about are airport maps or station maps, signs are much better so you can't get lost by following them..

This may sound very stupid, but there are Japanese absolutely everywhere, in the flight to Narita I think I was the only one who was not Japanese *lol*

From then on, anywhere I went Japanese people and lots, so it was cool, well even they could not speak to me, or if they understood me, found very hard to say something I could understand... I was very surprised how hard everyone tries to speak English and help me, everywhere I asked for help of course, otherwise, noone looks at you XP

Ok, things that became a nightmare:

1st: suitcase, next time I'll take my backpack (the one I used there everyday) and that's it! Trying to find an Exit with escalator or elevator it gets complicated, besides Shinkansen has no room for suitcases, so forget it..I saw Keita carrying his huge one into Shinkansen on video the other day, and even he goes on Green Car, no difference, no room, so I don't really know where he puts them ha ha, I guess some crew staff will sacrifice his leg room for Kei's bags! *lol*

By the way I once was in a Green Car by mistake, even my ticket was for regular, not big difference, so I really don't quite understand paying such a big difference unless company pays (like Keita's) or you are rich, the other seats are as good..

2nd: Time, had to buy a watch to be able to catch the correct train at the exact time, after of course taking the incorrect Shinkansen the first day, and a few other trains later by being at the correct platform at the incorrect time :P (probably about 1 minute and 37 seconds earlier)

But, if you have a watch and eyes for finding the signs, it is all fine..And also, knowing the colour of your train helps..

3rd: Money, notes are very big so I had to buy a wallet too, I dislike wasting time buying a ticket, it is not hard to work it out, but only did it once: the first day at my arrival to Osaka when took the subway to the hotel. Next day was Osaka concert :D Later I just bought a card you can top up with money anytime you want. And you go, the machines just charge you whatever they assumed way you took to get from the moment you went by machine first time, to wherever you went by machine to exit, ha ha, sorry nothing is funny, is just that you can take many many different ways because there are so many lines usually :P

Good things...

All the rest, weather was amazing, hot, but amazing, I imagine if I go again I won't be able to do it in September, meaning it will have to be July, only July, and apart from hotter than when I was there (oh no, I faint just to think Japan can be hotter than that ^^; ), the rain can become a problem..

Concert, concert stuff, I already mentioned that it was there when I understood how Vision Factory makes their money *lol* tickets for concerts are fine, but the stuff they sell! Too expensive and many not really worth it, at all...The DVDs and CDs are more expensive than you can get at CDJapan, etc., so not good idea to buy there...

Present boxes are lovely, full of love from the fans. I did not take any presents! Sorry Kei ^^;

...I just teared two pages of my planner, which I would have never, EVER done before under ANY other circumstances and wrote something, my friend translated it in Japanese and I put it into Keita's box... Before I did that, I said to my friend "oh no, now I want to keep it, because you wrote it" and she said "No" and I said "Yes" and she said "Noo, this is your only chance, put it in the box" So ok, put it there with all the hope he would read it *lol* Please Keita, if you didn't, give it it back! LOL

My friend was shocked that they don't give us bags, so you have to buy their own, ha ha, I planned to buy it anyways :D and that was a good price...The light was lovely but I gave it to my niece :D who could not come with me this time :(

All the stuff I kept

I saw this waaaaaaaay before I went and I so much wanted to buy it, it is really, REALLY nice..

The less expensive top, I felt I had to get one, and it was a new colour on that day, Small sold out, so I bought Medium, big but it's ok..

Sweet towel, lovely.. ( I also bought it in orange for my 7 year old niece)

The bag, I also saw this before I went, and I wished this colour was available :D ( I also bought one in Orange, smaller size for my niece)

Book, maybe not worth it really, but I wanted it ;__; (I also bought a set of 5 photos of Keita for my niece)

Book cover.. ( 3000 yen ToT )

First concert... OSAKA!! It happened that they said the news to go to Hong Kong this day and and were on their news..So lucky to find this...

This is the first concert I went and there it was gorgeous Keita with horrible hair and still soooo lovely and of course I got to see the whole concert, got there just in time ^^ XP..

My JJ Japan Journey I

Hello ^^

Finally about my trip to Japan!

The craziest, actually Kraziest things happened to me, as my best friend would say. She always tells me I am KRAZY, because it has all to do with the K (kei, Keita kun :D )

Anyways, I can even say probably the most significant one, from w-inds. fan point of view, he he. I totally missed the concert from Keita, sorry w-inds. fans, I meant to say I missed the concert from "w-inds." because apart from Japan being so crazy or KRAZY, I forgot the time of the concert was changed, so I was really LATE!! Missed almost all of it, and not just this, also I had payed in total about 20000 yen for the ticket! But of course money is not all, the fact more important to me, was that my seat was really close to the stage! And I missed more than an hour of Keita being so close! What an idiot, he he, anyways, so this is only one of the "things" that happened to me during this trip, but I have things to share, which are maybe not such a good idea, but I would like to share it anyways. I recorded audio from the show, including the MC, Endless moment, which was amazing, Boogie Woogie, Keita getting a sudden caugh being unable to continue singing for a few seconds, and later forgetting totally the lyrics of Boogie W, poor thing, he felt so bad about it, but I thought it was the cutest thing, and I was not the only one, since everyone cheered for him, when it happened.

Keita cannot be more beautiful in real life, he is actually more beautiful than I expected, and dispite being very skinny, he's got a huge butt *lol* Just, too perrrrrfect ^^

I'll go for now, since I am so tired for the return flights.



w-inds. concert tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES! Finally I had my flight ticket,  but now even better, my friend got tickets to see w-inds. in Osaka on Saturday 9/19!

nae_kaze, I will contact the hotel to ask if they can accept mail for me..

However this is getting more real. Oh shit! Only 2 weeks and I haven't done even half of what I must before departure :( I didn't even make a list of the things I have to do. I have to study for exams, I have to do so many things that I can't remember, that is why I need a list, I should make this list pretty soon.
Plus, I have to make a career plan for my boss and a middle year evaluation of my performance, plus a detail guide/ training for new hires and just this, will take up most of  the time T___T Of course, this is a must, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to go to Japan if I hadn't had a job :P MUST KEEP IT!! :O

I need to buy quite a few things for me too, make numbers and I should buy a present for my friend, who I haven't seen in 7 years!! :O I didn't count until now! More important, I should buy a present for her family, meaning I will for her mum only. Oh GOD!!! I know nothing about Japanese culture and manners. I don't want to be rude, but I didn't look for a book of Japanese manners, etc. I don't even have a guide! DX

Do you think I should get a dictionary? I don't know how that can help me, but well..."I will survive...I will survive" *trying to convince herself*

I am not going to Sunday's concert because I rather spend this day with my friend instead of torturing her with w-inds. since she doesn't even like them! :P I will work all Saturday's concert trying to convice her how HOT Keita kun is, tee hee hee. But, oh no, my darling, your hair is not going to help! T_T I'll do my best though *lol*

So, PONYOOOOOOO!!! Im coming! ^^ Watch out for your butt! I will not only be unable to stop me from squeezing it, I will also want to take it back home with me xP

Now Im in the process of getting tickets for Omiya :)

Cheers and thanks for any help/advice in advance ^^

Hana XD